I am very pleased with the Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scale. It is the perfect item for your kitchen. Not only can you weigh your food but also mail. It also has a built-in Thermometer, Clock, Alarm, Humidity Indicator, and Calendar. So you can just program it with the information and it will be right there at your fingertips. It is a great product and I would recommend it.

The  Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scale is Black in color with LCD display, will weigh from 0.1 oz – 22 lbs (1 g to 10 kg). It takes 2 AAA batteries (which are included) and comes with a fully instructional manual that is easy to understand and also a Calorie Guide/U.S. Postal First Class Letter Rate Guide. The scale is fully protected inside the box in a hard eggshell type carton. The other cool thing about this scale is it has a Kickstand so you can put it up on the counter or you can hang it on the wall. Very handy and it looks very nice and modern.

DISCLAIMER: I received this item for free to test. My opinion expressed is provided at my own discretion and is a direct reflection of my personal experience.

Product link via Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Ozeri-Multifunction-Digital-Kitchen-Tempered/dp/B01H2E6L7M