I am starting to eat healthier and get my husband to follow along with me. We both have been diagnosed with health issues that require us to change up our diet. This means more salads and healthier choices. We really love this Salad Spinner. It is so very easy to use.

You get the FRESHSPIN Salad Spinner and a Serving Bowl. I love how simple and easy it is to use it. It works well getting the moisture off the lettuce and then you can just put it in the Serving Bowl that is included. Easy cleanup and stores away just fine. It will even fit inside your refrigerator. The Colander is 4.2 qt/4L and the Clear Serving Bowl is 5.5 qt/5.2 L. It has a non-slip base, ergonomic handle, both Colander and Bowl are dishwasher safe. and BPA Free.

TO use it just Unlock the handle by sliding lock button towards the top outer edge. Push & Pump handle downward (pumping continuously), 3-4 times. To stop just Press the STOP button on top. Remove lid, lift out the colander that has your greens in it, pour out the excess water from your bowl, dry it and put the greens in from the Colander. It is very easy to use.

We love it and glad I got the opportunity to try it out. I would recommend it to anyone out there wanting a product like this one. It would make a great gift idea.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free. My opinion expressed is provided at my own discretion and is a direct reflection of my personal experience.

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