We have needed something to hold our sheet in place on our bed because I had been using safety pins. Well, this works great. It holds the sheet in place, no more slipping off the mattress. It is very easy to use them and can be used for mattress pads, comforters, blankets.

You get the BS 4 piece Adjustable Straps, extra wide grips for thicker fabrics. They fit adjustable beds, pillow top beds, memory foam and sofa beds. Easy to use just attach the metal clips to the mattress pad, blanket, sheets, comforter, approximately 7-10 inches from the corners. Then slip the elastic straps under the mattress, repeat on all four corners. This will keep it in place. The straps are elastic with metal clips on each end. When you open the metal grips it looks like little teeth so it grabs the fabric but won’t damage it.

I love them and very happy that we got this product. I would recommend it to anyone needing this type of product.

DISCLAIMER: I received this item free. My opinion expressed is provided at my own discretion and is a direct reflection of my personal experience.

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