I needed something to help prevent me from cutting myself in the kitchen. It really never fails I either burn myself or cut myself and it’s crazy. My husband jokes about is soo often that I don’t need to cut up anything that he will do it. I got really scared when I bought a Mandoline and my fingers I know wanted to leave my hands. I know that I am probably the only person that can cut themselves on Plastic. Yep, my electric chopper- closing the lid. So I jumped on the opportunity to try out these gloves. I figured what the heck. They work, they are not uncomfortable or hamper me in any way when using my knives. I feel safe.. for now.

You get a pair of the Uoline Cut Resistant Gloves, made of Dyneema which is a high-strength synthetic fiber. You can choose the size you need ( Medium,Large and X-Large). I got the X-large so that both my husband and I could wear them. While wearing them they are strong but still thin enough that you can easily handle or open things with them. They are snug fitting and not bulky. You don’t just have to use them in the kitchen while prepping to cook. You can use them to pick up broken glass or anything that is sharp inside or outside your home. They are durable and very strong and should last a long time. Also, they are backed by a Lifetime No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee.

I am really pleased with this product because it has changed how I no longer cut myself in the kitchen & I would recommend the Uoline Cut Resistant Gloves to everyone needing a product like this one!

DISCLAIMER: I received this item free. My opinion expressed is provided at my own discretion and is a direct reflection of my personal experience.

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