This Monochef Premium 3-in-1 Infusion Pitcher is just what I have been wanting and needing. It covers all bases in our home. It is a Fruit Infuser for Water, Sweet Iced Tea or other Teas and Cold Coffee. It works like a charm, I love the taste of my Cold Sweet Tea because I just put in the tea bags into the infuser, add the water, and my sugar put it in my fridge and let it brew for a few hours (the longer the better) and then pour it into a glass. I am going to use it to try and make me some Cold Coffee!! Save me some money!!

You will be pleasantly surprised when you open the box to this really Sleek, Beautiful Pitcher. I was kind of skeptical when I ordered it but I had no idea of the quality of this product. It will look Stylish and Sophisticated on any table or counter.

Now, I have been drinking more water and wanted to create my own flavored water so this works great for that too. I can make ALL kinds of different flavors and just let my imagination take over. Again just use the Fruit Infuser and fill it with your fruits, fill up the Pitcher with Water and let it sit in the Fridge so it can work its magic. Taste really wonderful. They also send you via e-mail a free Recipe Book to download. It gives you some really great recipes.

In the box, you get the 3-in-1, 45 oz Infusion Pitcher (made of durable heat stable Borosilicate Glass), includes 2 tubes for your fruit, tea or coffee. It is easy to clean the tubes and the pitcher. To clean the tube for the Tea just unscrew the bottom and you can clean it thoroughly

I am really pleased with this product because it has changed my drinking habits & I would recommend the MonoChef Premium 3-in-1 Infusion Pitcher to everyone needing a product like this one!

DISCLAIMER: I received this product at a discounted price. My opinion expressed is provided at my own discretion and is a direct reflection of my personal experience.

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