I have Type 2 Diabetes so I wanted to get something that I could have on hand with me at all times in case of emergency. These are just what I needed to have on my wallet and key ring. I love them.

You get 2 of the Diabetes Medical Alert Zipper Pulls that are made of very durable metal and covered in mylar so they won’t get scratched up. The pulls are double sided with “Medic Alert DIABETIC on each side. They are easily attachable to your purse, keyring, backpacks, luggage, clothes, anything that has a zipper that you can attach them to will work. Also, if you have a pet that is Diabetic you can put it on their collar.

If for some reason you have an emergency and are unable to tell the Medics that you are a Diabetic, then having these on you or your belongings will help a great deal. I personally believe that if you are a Diabetic it is a good idea to have these because there are times with Diabetes that you can’t communicate.

They offer you a 100% Lifetime Guarantee.

I am really pleased with this product because it helps notify people of my medical condition in case I am unable to do it. I would recommend the Diabetes Medical Alert Zipper Pulls from Shorewood Medical Supply to everyone needing a product like this one or to give to a loved one!

DISCLAIMER: I received this item free. My opinion expressed is provided at my own discretion and is a direct reflection of my personal experience.

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