This is a really cool Folding Step Stool. I have needed something like this for a long time so I can stop standing up in chairs. This is very compact, well made, sturdy and durable and can hold me standing on it. It is also very cute and I can fold it up after using it and just tuck it away. I wasn’t sure about it being able to hold someone who had a little extra weight but it does with no issues. It can hold up to 350 lbs. It is perfect for kids to use and adults. I let my grandkids use it to help them get up to the sink to wash their hands and brush their teeth. So we all get plenty of use out of it in our house. I also use it outside when I am doing things that I need to reach up and get and can also use it to sit on too.

You get the Jeronic 11-Inch Plastic Folding Step Stool, it is Green with White Polka Dots, kids and adults can use it, completely folds flat and can hold up to 350 lbs. It is a really nice Step Stool and I highly recommend it.

I am really pleased with this product because it has changed how I can now reach things without having to use a chair. I would recommend the Jeronic 11-Inch Plastic Folding Step Stool to everyone needing a product like this one!

DISCLAIMER: I received this item for free. My opinion expressed is provided at my own discretion and is a direct reflection of my personal experience.
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