Soo it is that time of the year again where we need to start putting up our Summer clothes and getting out our Winter clothes. We do not have a lot of space to store stuff so these SpaceSaver Bags come in handy. They allow me to put away our summer clothes, blankets, etc. I just love these bags, now I have more room.

You get 6 Extra Large bags, 1 vacuum and you are ready to go. It is very easy to use, just fold your clothes, blankets, pillows, or whatever you are storing, place them in the bag seal them up and I always leave a little bit open then you put the pump over the spot and then use it to suck out the air. Once this is accomplished you can store them easily in your clothes, under your bed, shelves. It takes up very little space, they are anti-mildew, anti-mold, and water tight.

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SpaceSaver Bags